About Ward Analytics

Ward Analytics, founded in 2000, is the leading supplier of Teradata and data warehouse performance analysis and management solutions. With a global customer base, and clients in all market segments, Ward’s aim is simple; to deliver state-of-the-art Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Performance Analysis and Management solutions, by applying advanced technologies and techniques.

Allied with a deep and sophisticated understanding of Teradata, its Server platforms and other non-Teradata platforms, the result is an industry leading suite of solutions for analysing, optimising and managing Teradata and Enterprise Data Warehouse Platforms. Ward’s solutions drive;

  • Service Level Agreement Management and Optimisation
  • Maximisation of RoI for all Teradata (and data warehouse) users
  • Minimisation of Total Cost of Ownership of Teradata data warehouses 
  • Optimisation of Teradata data warehouse performance
  • Single Repository of ALL Teradata data warehouse performance data
  • Root Cause Problem Analysis of complex warehouse performance problems


Based on our Performance Life-Cycle model, our suite of Performance Management software solutions and services ensure that Teradata customers get every last drop of performance from their data warehouses, and extracting every cent of value from their investment in the Teradata platform. With tight budgets in a difficult economic climate, the value of deferring costly upgrades and floor-sweeps is significant; Ward’s tools are commonly used in managing and extending Cap-Ex cycles to ensure not only optimised technical performance but also economic performance.

Explore our web site and learn more about our Performance Life Cycle and the products that support it, and then contact us to discover how we can help you optimise your data warehouse environment.