Performance Assessment Services

Performance Assessment

Ward possesses the most powerful set of proprietary tools and utilities for analyzing and tuning Teradata performance, and by combining this tool set with our own extensive hands-on Teradata expertise and knowledge, we can offer a unique range of services.

The reality of implementing and operating a modern complex Enterprise Data Warehouse is that there will always be performance questions to consider; these can include some or all of the following;

  • Performance tuning – across a range of areas.
  • Performance problem analysis & resolution.
  • Batch Processing performance.
  • House-keeping practices.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Workload performance.

Pre-Production Assessment

In the same way that we are able to offer services to assess and tune performance of the in-Production Teradata applications, we can also use the same tools and expertise to assess the applications you develop BEFORE they are put into Production.

Pre-Production Assessment has high value, as with the complexity of modern applications and the pressures to release new versions into Production, frquently compromises are made in quality, with the view usually taken that these issues will be “dealt with later”.

The reality is that this rarely happens, so a Ward review of the quality of applications PRIOR to release gives an opportunity to right many wrongs, take advantage of new features and utilities in Teradata and avoid costly problems in the future whilst ensuring maximum ROI is achieved.

Performance Assessment Service

Performance issues can vary in severity; some simple and straight-forward to resolve and some complex.  Occasionally, the problems can become severe and impact the day to day smooth running of the enterprise, on very rare occasions catastrophically so. By pre-emptively addressing these performance issues, and implementing best practice wherever possible, the likelihood of there being a major “event” is reduced.

Carrying out a Performance Assessment has a number of benefits;

  • Make sure you have Teradata “best practice” implemented across the board
  • Identify and resolve problems before they become serious “events”
  • Check you are using Teradata in the most effective way
  • Identify any opportunities to gain more capacity from the existing Teradata system
  • Use utilities such as compression to recover as much as 40% of the storage in use
  • Check you are using Teradata fully, and therefore
  • Ensure you are getting the maximum RoI from the investment in Teradata

Pre-Production Assessment Service

New applications of less than ideal quality will have performance issues, nearly all of which can be addressed with a combination of;

  • Review of the quality of new applications BEFORE they’re released into Production.
  • Performance problem resolution
  • Implementation of Teradata best-practice, new features and utilities
  • Training and education of the development staff enabling the customer to be self-sufficient
  • Ongoing use of the relevant “best-in-class” tools to catch the problems before they hit Production.