Performance Central – BI Dashboard

Enterprise-wide Teradata Performance Visibility

Performance Central is a Teradata-centric performance BI platform for the integration, analysis, reporting and distribution of Teradata IDW performance data.

Targeted at the full range of stake-holders from CxO’s, through Line of Business and IT managers/owners, DBA’s, Developers and Operational support staff, Performance Central offers the widest range of BI-based performance management analysis and reporting available for Teradata systems and key business system data from your own platforms.

Based on proven main-stream BI technology, Performance Central allows associative analysis of every aspect of Teradata performance, plus the capability to create, distribute and expose reports to all users, whether scheduled or on-demand. Collaboration and sharing is fully supported.

Add “My Data” for a 360º View

No IDW operates in total isolation, therefore to ensure the most complete picture for your users, you can add non-Teradata data to Performance Central (such as Call Centre performance data, Sales Load data, ETL/BI performance data or any other compatible data you choose) which is seamlessly integrated and benefits from the full range of  Performance Central analysis, reporting and distribution capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

A direct result of using mainstream BI technology is the ability to deploy sophisticated analytics which gives you unprecedented insight into the most critical Teradata performance data such as Workload Management and Query Log. Associative analysis allows you to drill through from a high-level view right down to a single query and/or User, then use the inbuilt push or pull capability of the platform to make the key information available at the click of a button.

Capacity Modelling

Future Capacity forecasting modelling is available and is based on a range of your key Teradata metrics. Using a variety of appropriate Teradata performance metrics, a forecast of future system capacity can be modelled graphically showing when (90 days, 136 days etc.) the selected metric (CPU, Disk etc.) will reach a pre-determined limit (i.e. 95% CPU usage, 80% of disk capacity).

IDW Consumption/Charge-back

Throughout Performance Central, comprehensive information has been made available showing which Enterprise Functions (or Business Groups etc.) are consuming how much of the available IDW resource. Additionally, you can see how efficiently the different User communities (i.e. HR, Sales, Finance etc.) are using the available resource. This is information is additionally presented on the Resource Utilisation page, for a single comprehensive explanation of how the warehouse is being used and by whom.

Collaboration & Sharing

Performance Central enables collaboration and sharing of analysis and reports amongst all interested colleagues and competence-levels. Bookmark your analysis or areas of interest, Reports and then re-visit them subsequently. Invite colleagues who don’t even have a copy of Performance Central to view key reports for short windows of access.

Single-Click Instant Reports

To ensure that stake-holders and users of the IDW can maximise the RoI of Performance Central, a library of hundreds of reports are available, and can be accessed by a single mouse click. Instant Reports remove the need to navigate complex or large data sets, and give the User exactly what they want, when they want it.

 Export/Publish Data

Natuarally, you’ll want to be able to export the various data within Performance Central to spreadsheets and presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Word etc, and this is achieved with a couple of mouse-clicks.

 Object Usage

To ensure that unecessary batch and overnight processing and ETL isn’t being carried out on objects that remain subsequently un-used by the relevant End User community, Perfornance Central’s Object Usage analysis and reporting identifies opportunities to reclaim wasted processing and space capacity.

Once you’ve visually identified the databases/tables of interest, drill down to deeper levels of detail regarding the object and look more closely at the pattern of usage, and then assess the data that’s not actually being used in terms of the resource consumed to prepare it.


BI-Tool Users Teradata ID’s revealed

Uniquely, you can now identify the specific Teradata end-user who’s 3rd party BI tool queries are impacting the EDW. Rather than just seeing the BI Tool user ID’d as an anonymous generic BI user, you can now see the actual Teradata ID related to any 3-tier BI tool user’s queries and take action as appropriate.


Performance Central – Key Features

Service Level Goals & SLA’s

Teradata has a wealth of data about whether SLG’s and SLA’s are being achieved, and Performance Central surfaces this data up in a variety of reports to show the cause/effect of any problems.

Disk Capacity

Given how the IDW is used and grown, it’s critical to have a clear view of how Disk Capacity is being consumed (and by whom). System Capacity reports show the profile and source of the usage and growth.


Instant Reports

If time is critical, choose the exact report you want from the library of hundreds of pre-designed reports, with a couple of mouse clicks. Additionally, fine-tune the Instant Reports from a simple metric/criteria selection list.

Email Reports – Push or Pull

To ensure the widest distribution of Performance Central reports, you can have key metrics and reports emailed to you on either a scheduled basis or on-demand as required.

 Eco-System View

As most Teradata environments consist of both multiple Teradata systems, and other platforms, Performance Central includes a comprehensive set of integrated data and reports covering the relevant key performance metrics.


Persona/Role-based View

As well as surfacing up a wide range of data through metric-based pages, there are also Role-based pages to present you with the key information relevant your day-to-day needs.

Pareto Analysis

Where many metrics and variables are in play, the built-in Pareto Analysis allows you to focus on the most important aspects and address the areas that are likely to give the best return for effort expended.


User Activity

This allows you to see activity by Business Group, TASM WD and User and specifically who is consuming what, and how efficiently. Many aspects of User resource consumption are surfaced up on this page.